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View folders on your desktop like on Mac


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Lots of people like customizing Windows to make it look like other operating systems (Mac, for example) and use applications that emulate certain features of Apple's OS. 7stacks is one of these applications. Inspired by the Dock on Mac OS X, it lets you organize your folders and desktop shortcuts in a much better way.

7stacks is especially designed for Windows 7, although it also works on Vista and XP. The program perfectly complements the new taskbar in Windows, which is similar to the Dock on Mac OS X. The particular feature offered by 7stacks lets you preview the content of desktop folders, so you can see what's inside them at a glance.

7stacks is very useful for grouping shortcuts to applications inside different folders, organized by type or by how often you use them. You can also use it to better organize documents and folders. If you like this classic Mac feature, don't hesitate to give 7stacks a shot.
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